Sigma Chi is a brotherhood with roots in the collegiate experience that engenders a lifelong commitment to strive to achieve true friendship, equal justice and the fulfillment of learning as part of our overall responsibilities to the broader communities in which we live.


I would like to invite you to join the Alpha Nu Chapter’s groups on LinkedIn and Facebook (links below). We are encouraging active brothers and alumni to connect through these social media pages and use the sites for professional and social networking among Alpha Nu brothers. 

LinkedIn Group:

Facebook Group:

Within the LinkedIn group, you will be able to focus your networking efforts toward fellow Alpha Nu’s. We encourage all brothers, actives and alumni alike, to participate, so that the group can be of the greatest benefit for everyone. Good luck networking!

The Facebook page will be your source of the latest news going on at 2701 Nueces. We’ll update the page often, so you can keep up with the chapter’s progress, as well as upcoming events. 

Please take advantage of these ways to stay in touch with the chapter and with each other by joining the groups and encouraging your pledge brothers to do the same. 

In hoc signo vinces, 

Tim Davis, Alpha Nu Tribune, 2015