Sigma Chi is a brotherhood with roots in the collegiate experience that engenders a lifelong commitment to strive to achieve true friendship, equal justice and the fulfillment of learning as part of our overall responsibilities to the broader communities in which we live.

The chapter hosted the 36th Annual Fight Night on Friday, November 6th. This latest edition of the chapter’s largest philanthropy event of the fall semester proved a huge success and was enjoyed by a sea of University of Texas students, Sigma Chi alumni, and parents. A huge thank you to all the alumni and parents that supported the event and enjoyed the night with us. Last year’s Fight Night raised over $100,000 for our philanthropic partners. While this year’s donation is being totaled, we wanted to share the following recap, along with pictures of our alumni and parents from the VIP section. A full account of the philanthropic impact of the event will be announced soon.

After being elected Fight Night chairman in early January, discussions began between myself and the city of Austin regarding the biggest change to the event this year. We worked with the city, neighborhood associations, and the local community to approve a street closure on Nueces Street in front of our property. This allowed for the event to expand into the street and provide a safer area for ticketing purposes as well as queuing the crowd for event entry. We hosted two food trucks on the street to serve our attendees before entering the event, and it is this type of constant innovation and improvement to Fight Night that makes me so proud to have worked on such a great event.

The night consisted of 12 amateur boxing bouts hosted by the South Texas Amateur Boxing Association using a boxing ring on loan from Richard Lord, who has graciously helped up put on the event for the past few decades. After the boxing, we hosted rapper Juicy J as he performed on the ring to our audience and VIP section. The VIP section this year grew to its largest size in the past few years, thanks to a large showing of alumni ranging from decades ago to our most recent graduated pledge class, Iota. The VIP section was catered by our title sponsor Fat Sal’s, who is a tremendous partner of ours. At the end of the day, the event was a huge success, and I’m glad that I was able to be a part of something that is not only a ton of fun for brothers and alumni, but also something that is so beneficial philanthropically.

– Mike Opolski, Fight Night Chairman Alpha Nu 2015

For a full album of pictures, please visit our Facebook page, and for more information about the event, please visit the Fight Night website.